Who has the Power of Voice and who does not often determines:

  • Who has access to decent housing, fair wages, healthy food, clean water and quality health care 
  • Who is safe, and who feels safe and able to express their views
  • Who has the resources to advocate for their beliefs and rights
  • Who has their perspective accurately portrayed in media
  • Who votes, who influences and who makes policy
  • Who has the ability to make change within organizations and communities

But too often, who has voice is limited in ways that hurt individuals, families and communities. Too often, those who are denied voice are the same people who are closest to the challenges we need to solve and are on the front lines experiencing the impacts. Too often, voice denied not only perpetuates disparity, but also stifles innovation and limits the ideas, perspectives and solutions that can be considered.

As social entrepreneurs and socially responsible business leaders, we can and must change this. One of the greatest things we need to re-learn is how to disagree and communicate through it all. We can’t be active participants in social change without talking about it and educating people. If you are passionate about a cause, chances are it is controversial in some way. Don’t be afraid to engage people in a way that is kind and understanding to enlighten people – and to allow yourself to hear the other side. It will help you grow and show you how firmly you believe in your cause.

This platform is a movement of passionate, committed everyday people making an effort in moving India towards a fairer, flourishing, and a better place for us and our children…

We plan campaigns to get our messages in front of key decision-makers, hard-hitting TV ads into the lounge rooms of key electorates and rallies demonstrating people power.

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